Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not as productive as I like

Ok, I didn't get Mom's stocking done yet, but that is ok, because I have been working really really hard on getting all the Christmas knitting patterns into a journal so I can just grab whatever project I want to work on (needles and yarn kept in the Ziploc) and the journal and go and always have everything I need. Besides, I know I will get them done, but maybe not until after I go ahead and start a baby blanket :-) I haven't yet, but since I am home today and Anthony wants me not up on my foot anymore then is absolutely necessary, I have time to do things. In fact all I have to do is take a shower, and put on my uniform and I have about 6.5 hours to do so.

About the foot. Guess what I did. I went to the beach with my In-laws, since the girls are going to be leaving for New Mexico soon (this makes me sad, as I love them both a LOT). So we get to the first beach, in fact my favorite beach, where Anthony and I had planned on getting married, and headed down the staircase that is there. Of course, I tripped on one of the last steps, dropped all I was carring, and severely sprained my ankle, like the doctors looked at the film from the xray twice because they were pretty sure it was broken severe. Luckily I grabbed the rail for dear life, and they checked the baby and she is fine, a little shaken I'm sure, but fine. It could have been way worse, because there are a lot of rocks there, and this was the last step with the rail. Freak Anthony out pretty bad. I had to tell him a few times to go play while I sat there with ice. We stayed on the beach for a few hours, to see if the swelling was going to go down, and I got a pretty good sunburn. So now I am on crutches, which I really hate, and am starting to feel it all over that I fell, I'm sore, and my ribs and stomach hurt from using the crutches, I'll be glad when its all healed.

Other then that there is not all that much going on. We got a baby book from my Mom, which makes me lots of happy, and its already filled out to the best of my ability, all the way up to the baby shower, and since that is not going to be until Oct, I think I am set :-) We also got some baby clothes and Mom bought things to put into the handmade cradle/bassinet she and Dad are making for the baby :-)