Friday, January 21, 2011

Let's make this a happy space!

So, there has been a lot of things going on in my life that are outside of my control and are frankly making me feel a manic. For anyone looking in I suppose they can see the sources of stress, but to really understand why the stress is effecting me like it is, might be a whole different ball game. So, in an effort to destress, and find a change to this surreal floating in time pace, I have given my self a project. One where no one else is effected but me, and that ultimately will give me a place to go and unwind.

So, I'm redoing my bedroom!! We don't really have a style right now. I have a few really nice antique pieces, but not that all match or that are flowing together nicely. I love French Country decorating, so I am going to start there. The best part of French Country is that it meant to look like you collected it over time and made it match as best as possible. Frequently furniture is painted white, then sanded and light and quickly stained on the sanding to give a "loved" look. Easily done, even in the winter in Maine, because I have a very large master bathroom in which I can paint in, and an extra one to shower in.

I have been roaming through "junk" shops, Goodwill, Salvation Army's, TJMaxx and stores like that. The finds have been great! Lots of wrought iron accessories and candles! All a girl needs to relax and unwind. Mom thought up a great idea, using birdcages as plant-holders, which I love more then I can say.I have two in mind from TJMaxx, they are supposed to hold wine bottles and glasses, but I thought they would be great double-decked planters! I found a little square candle holder, to put a glass in with a few little stones to start new plants!

I still need at least one painting or picture. I was thinking of trying to get a few botanical prints, the ones with all the parts labeled that look like they are from the Victorian era. I really want a garden gate bedroom.

I also can't seem to find a nice cabbage rose fabric. I found one or two, but mostly they are in tapestry fabric, which is two heavy to make a quilt to cover the comforter. I still have a few places to check for sheets. The great part is that I have access to a surger so quilting is much easier.

UPDATE: while I was typing I got a call - looks like we are going to be moving in the summer, into a wonderful, fully stocked place, with everything this place is, redecorating will not be going on the walls. um, I'm happy but nervous, I'll finish this post after I digest all this....