Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old rocking chairs and people that don't kow what they are doing

I purchased, a few years back, a rocking chair at a yard sale for 5 dollars. This poor thing, while I love it dearly, has sat in one room or another, lonely and untouched, not even able to be used because of a cockeyed peice of dowel threatening all who tried to make use. I LOVE this chair, its very simple and plain, but big and perfect for my height. It is most sincerely one of the most comfortable chair I have ever had a chance to sit in. SO, yesterday my mother and I began taking it about, because recently all I can think about when I sit down to knit is my lovely rocker, now taking up residents on my mothers pouch, waiting its turn in the line of antiques in need of refinishing. My mom believes the rocker was made around 1900, which makes me emensly happy. Unfortunitly it appears somone, who had NO IDEA WHAT THEY WERE DOING, previously attempted a refurbish on this chair. There were screws where there ought not be any, finishing nails THROUGH dowel pegs, and BRACKETS glaring at us from under the arms. We spent most of the afternoon just trying to get the chair into workable pieces, and in the process I through my hip out so badly, at which point I'm not usre, I was very focused on the task at hand, that by the end of the night I couldn't stand on my own accord. I am just glad it is over. I am not happy the chair is going to be such a project, but my mom just laughed at me and said the things we want most often take the most work. That's true. I just have to think of the beautiful maghony chair with a leather seat I will have when we are all through, even though it will take us probably a few weeks to do, even if we work on a peice everyday.

Other then that everything is good, other then the hip, but I should be used to it by now, I can fix it given a few days, so not to worry :-)

Knitting is going on like a crazy person and the blanket is already 45% done! I am hopping to be done before scedule and am knitting whenever the opportunity presents itsself, although I wont take it with me place because it is white, and white and I are not friends :-(

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