Monday, August 24, 2009

Letters to the UPS Guy

8/24 8:54PM -
Dear UPS Guy, I know that sometimes in your busy schedule certain packages are over looked, I also know my thinking my yummy yarn purchase being here today was a little optamistic. I also know that you guys deliver until 6pm and I left the house at 4...:30. So with all this in mind I am going to keep clinging to the fantasy that when I get there a package with my name on it will be on my doorstep, for both our sakes.

8/24 9:38PM-
Dear UPS Guy, you fail. Lets hope this pattern doesn't continue.

8/25 9:00AM-

Dear UPS Guy, Maybe yesterday I did not impress apon you the seriousness of this situation. I want you to know, beloved delivery man, that I am pregnant and on top of that my other friend, who is BROKEN, is also awaiting afore mentioned yummy yarn. W...e have an addiction that can't be denied, and you are the only person who can help. Please take this into consideration as you make you way about the world today.

8/25 7:20PM
Dear UPS guy, so glad we had this chat :-)

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