Sunday, August 22, 2010


i have finally finished Lynda's two shawls! I have also finished my Mom's mittens, and Kendra's bag! I am hoping to have Hannah's mittens done soon, and Mom's hat! If I could finish these things before the 1st I would be really really happy!! then I need to finish my cable curry mitts, redo Dad's hat, and do Cynthia's fingerless mitts and at least one - probably two stockings (but I love doing the stockings!) and then I can do whatever I want to do! I will be out from under the HILL of projects that have been sitting there half done. I think I will work on a baby blanket to use up scraps and the blanket for Nanny for her bday!

ok - now to just sort trough my spices, get dinner started, shower, drop off the baby, and get ready for people to be here! Tomorrow we are going to be cleaning out the trailer and seeing what needs to be done before we can paint and move in! Hopefully it will be easy, but on the other hand, if the carpets are in bad shape, we are going ot get new floors, which would be nice! Then there is going to be tons of packing to be done - lots of clearing for the garden, and putting in the duck pen! busy busy busy!!

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